West Virginia Stormwater BMPs

Project Description

With the recently passed regulations requiring LDAR inspections of all compressor stations and production facilities, HRL Compliance Solutions, Inc. has been managing LDAR programs for a number of clients. We conduct inspections, manage data, prepare inspection reports, and provide our clients with everything that they need to demonstrate full compliance with these new rules.

The first part of the video below was shot using the High Sensitivity Mode (HSM) capabilities of the infrared camera. This mode functions by rapidly comparing the frames of the video and subtracting those pieces that remained constant. As a result the only pieces of the image that show through are parts which change. This allows for very accurate detection of extremely small leaks. The second part of the video was shot using the standard Infrared mode. This allows for a more discernible image of what is being looked at while still maintaining the ability to see hydrocarbon leaks. The last part of the video was shot with a standard video recorder to allow comparison for what the site looks like to the naked eye.