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HRL Compliance Solutions, Inc., is the premier provider of the leading method for industrial compliance with the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) in the United States.


According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the installation of MBTA exclusionary systems over reserve pits, water impoundments and open tanks has proven to be the best approach for MBTA compliance. The installation of netting has proven to be the most efficient deterrent and the most cost effective method for preventing harm or death to migratory birds as it relates to oil and gas operations.

The HRL design has been recognized as a best management practice for the Oil and Gas industry, and is the most cost-effective and widely accepted prevention and protection choice for industrial applications.

In addition to installation of deterrent systems, HRL’s migratory bird netting program has maintenance crews which are available to perform routine maintenance and field calls should an application require prompt response. HRL’s many years of experience with the Oil and Gas industry has resulted in products and services that are refined and tailored to meet and exceed industry standards for migratory bird deterrence.


Wildlife Screening Services

HRL Compliance Solutions, Inc.,  has completed hundreds of screen installation projects for oil and gas companies who are concerned about accidental wildlife incidents.


Is your company seeking a solution for the prevention of bird and animal deaths associated with spill containment, overflow tanks and stacks? HRL has completed hundreds of screen installation projects for oil and gas companies who are concerned about accidental animal deaths. It is the very nature of animals to seek out nesting areas, food and water in the most unlikely places. As an industry standard companies need to be ever vigilant in preventing the migration, foraging and nesting of animals in and around oil and gas equipment.

No project is too small when it comes to preventing the death of animals related to the storage and use of oil and gas field petroleum products, chemicals and operations liquids. HRL has the experience to design, implement and install all types of screening devices in order to prevent the accidental death of animals as a result of oil and gas field operations. At HRL we understand oil and gas operations and the need for compliance, thereby reducing environmental liability and costly fines.


MBTA Compliance Services for Oil and Gas Operations

As a full service environmental compliance consulting firm, HRL can assist you in determining whether or not your company is in compliance with the US Migratory Bird Treaty Act.


Many states, counties and cities have regulatory guidelines for protecting migratory birds as it relates to oil and gas operations. HRL staff has a strong MBTA compliance background with numerous oil and gas companies in the United States. HRL even works as in-house environmental compliance consultants with several oil and gas companies to ensure their companies are in compliance with the MBTA. HRL can assess your operations to determine whether or not netting and/or other services are needed to ensure you are in compliance with existing federal, state and county laws and regulations. HRL works hard to perform quality consulting and netting services to assist oil and gas firms in preventing heavy fines and fees associated with migratory bird and wildlife deaths resulting from standard oil and gas operations.

The yellow states below currently have Migratory Bird Regulations specifically for oil and gas operations. All other states are subject to Federal rules and regulations of the MBTA and the US Fish and Wildlife Services.


Links to Federal & State Migratory Bird Protection Rules, Regulations and Guidelines for Oil & Gas Operations