Air Compliance

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 At HRL Compliance Solutions, Inc., our primary objective is to provide clients with all of the tools necessary to operate a facility in full compliance with all air quality permits and regulations.


We thoroughly investigate each facility to determine applicability of permits, operating & maintenance plans, and state and federal rules. The variety of services we provide are designed to save our clients time and money. Our professionals in the air quality field expertly manage facilities to help our clients have confidence that their facilities are in full compliance with air quality permits and regulations.

HRL manages and/or performs the following:

  • Preparing permit applications
  • Submitting reports and forms to regulating entities
  • Maintaining compliance logs. (Emissions calculations, operating and maintenance plan requirements, etc.)
  • Collect analytical samples and schedule recurring analytical testing.
  • Infra-Red thermography inspections for leak detection.
  • Site visits for self-audits or regulated inspections to demonstrate compliance.

Infra-Red Thermography


With the focus on Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) on both a state and federal level; HRL offers full IR camera inspections of facilities to quickly locate and tag leaks for repair. Our certified IR thermographers can quickly and accurately pin point leaks that can not only help maintain compliance, but in many cases boost profit by capturing and selling the gas instead of venting it through an unknown leak. All leaks identified will be tagged on-site and the corresponding video will be included in the final report to provide clients with all of the information they will need to take corrective action.