Environmental Services

Environmental Consulting in the Permian Basin and Beyond

HRL Compliance Solutions is an expert in the field of environmental consulting, with extensive experience providing Spill Response, Air Compliance, and Waste Management & Remediation services to the Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico. We serve North America with offices in the Permian Basin, San Juan Basin, Piceance Basin and the Appalachian Basin.

Our qualified staff of environmental consultants have the technical skills, regulatory knowledge, and project management expertise to engage emergency spill response, air compliance, air permitting, leak detection & repair (LDAR), waste management, and bioremediation.

We are one of the most respected and best environmental compliance companies in North America with a focus in the Permian Basin. If you are looking for remediation contractors or hazardous waste contractors we also work diligently in those areas, as we specialize in spills, air compliance and waste management. Contact us today for a complete list of services provided by our staff of environmental compliance consultants and scientists. Call 970.243.3271 to get the solutions you need today!



Stormwater and Erosion Control are managed at the Federal, State, and county level and HRL is specialized in providing subject matter expertise in each of those areas. The industries where HRL specializes in stormwater and erosion and sediment control are Oil and Gas, Mining, transportation, construction, and recreation.


At HRL, it is our goal to assist all industries with their stormwater and reclamation compliance by protecting resources, ensuring compliance, and reducing costs. Our services include:


HRL has completed hundreds of stormwater compliance investigations with turn-key solutions encompassing vegetation monitoring, noxious weed monitoring, and BMP mapping within ArcGIS databases maintaining compliance with :

  • Oil and Gas operations – well pads, compressor facilities, transfer stations, storage yards, pipeline right-of-ways, laydown yards, and other facilities.
  • Commercial construction – shopping centers, industrial complexes, residential development
  • Transportation – DOT new construction projects and long term rehabilitation monitoring.


HRL has assisted with environmental oversight of approximately 4000 miles of Pipeline Right-of-Way reclamation in ecosystems ranging from semi-arid desert to subalpine conifer forest, as it relates to commercial, transportation, industrial, as well as  the reclamation of drilling, completion, production and storage locations related to oil and gas development. 

From the drafting and implementation of the reclamation plan to oversight of reclamation activities in the field, HRL’s professional staff incorporates a scientific approach by designing appropriate soil amendments, seed mixes, and surface stabilization to suit the local ecosystem while maintaining a beneficial relationship with landowners and managers.

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HRL provides comprehensive air quality services including permitting, compliance with state and federal regulations, emissions calculations and database development, self-audits, and assistance during compliance inspections by regulators. We thoroughly investigate facilities to determine applicability of permits, operating and maintenance plans, and compliance with state and federal rules. Our goal is to help our clients feel confident knowing their facilities meet or exceed air quality standards. Specialty services include:

  • Emissions calculations and Operating and Maintenance Data Management
  • Air Quality Permitting
  • Leak Detection and Repair using Infrared Cameras
  • Self-Audit, Acquisition, and Inspection Services
  • Component hard counts
  • Compliance Sampling
  • State and Federal Reporting

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HRL Compliance Solutions, Inc. (HRL) provides qualified professional emergency response teams to assess, mitigate, contain, and remediate spill incidents ranging from minor, non-reportable releases to large-scale, reportable discharges in sensitive areas, such as soil, surface water and groundwater. Our hazmat certified team is on-call 24/7 and specializes in incidents that occur in the transportation, commercial, mining, and oil and gas industries.


HRL has been managing waste programs and overseeing the proper treatment, storage, and disposal of regulated waste since 1997. Our trained and certified professionals can assist companies with the handling of their waste streams, ensuring environmental compliance is closely monitored and properly managed.  HRL ensures RCRA (Resources Conservation Recovery Act) “cradle to grave” waste generation is properly documented and handled according to strict state and federal regulations.

HRL personnel can assist clients with waste reduction, recycling/reuse, treatment, and disposal of the numerous waste products resulting from industrial operations. Additional services include:

  • Program Plan and SOP Development
  • Waste Characterization, Profiling and Disposal
  • Groundwater/Surface Water Monitoring
  • COGCC 317B/609 Water Quality Program Management
  • Isotopic Sampling
  • Aesthetic Noise Surveys and Program Management


HRL has developed proven remediation technologies and best management practices (BMPs) for the complex remediation needs associated with hydrocarbon clean up in soil and water. The remediation division provides design, oversight, construction, application, and scientific expertise and services for the remediation of hydrocarbon impacted material to our clients to decrease costs and shorten timelines typically associated with clean-up activities. Our goal is to allow our clients to address environmental concerns by bringing them into compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Our expertise with permitting, spill response, waste management, and remediation design and maintenance facilitates corrective action and project closure in a timely and cost effective manner. HRL personnel have been reducing client operating costs by successfully completing bioremediation projects since 2005.

  • HRL Remediation Processes
  • Bioremediation
  • Bioenhancement
  • Air Stripping
  • Air Sparging
  • Dual Phase Extraction
  • Soil Vapor Extraction
  • Barometric Enhancement
  • Chemical Oxidation
  • Excavation and Disposal
  • Solidification and Stabilization
  • Pit Water Odor and Biological Control

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Since 2002, HRL has been providing environmental and regulatory permitting services for various development industries, including transportation, construction, mining, municipalities, recreation and oil and gas. HRL can assist your company with all of the surveys and permits required for regulatory and environmental compliance.

HRL specializes in guiding and representing our clients through NEPA processes, city and county land use development of federally-required plans, including SPCCs, and navigating surface use requirements on state, federal, and tribal lands. Our experience is comprehensive and our team specializes in state-specific permitting requirements.


HRL has several certified wetland scientists on staff determining US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) and any applicable state and/or county jurisdictional waters on a variety of projects. Wetland scientists delineate, survey, and stake all potential Section 404 Clean Water Act concerns onsite prior to permitting and proposed construction. Detailed reports and maps are provided to the client allowing for a quick and professional documentation and presentation to the regulatory agencies as required. On behalf of our clients, HRL can facilitate communications with the USACE and any other applicable permitting agency.

  • Project coordination, management, and oversight
  • Local/County Land Use review
  • Local/County permits
  • Biological assessments and raptor surveys
  • SHPO/THPO coordination and consultations
  • BLM APD and NEPA processes
  • USACE 404 Permitting
  • FCC NEPA and FAA permitting for towers
  • SPCC Plan Preparation, Recordkeeping, and Training
  • Environmental Assessments/Due Diligence Audits for Acquisitions or Divestitures

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