Stormwater and Erosion Control are managed at the Federal, State, and county level and HRL is specialized in providing subject matter expertise in each of those areas. The industries where HRL specializes in stormwater and erosion and sediment control are Oil and Gas, Mining, transportation, construction, and recreation.

At HRL, it is our goal to assist all industries with their stormwater and reclamation compliance by protecting resources, ensuring compliance, and reducing costs. Our services include:


HRL has completed hundreds of stormwater compliance investigations with turn-key solutions encompassing vegetation monitoring, noxious weed monitoring, and BMP mapping within ArcGIS databases maintaining compliance with :

  • Oil and Gas operations – well pads, compressor facilities, transfer stations, storage yards, pipeline right-of-ways, laydown yards, and other facilities.
  • Commercial construction – shopping centers, industrial complexes, residential development
  • Transportation – DOT new construction projects and long term rehabilitation monitoring.


HRL has assisted with environmental oversight of approximately 4000 miles of Pipeline Right-of-Way reclamation in ecosystems ranging from semi-arid desert to subalpine conifer forest, as it relates to commercial, transportation, industrial, as well as  the reclamation of drilling, completion, production and storage locations related to oil and gas development. 

From the drafting and implementation of the reclamation plan to oversight of reclamation activities in the field, HRL’s professional staff incorporates a scientific approach by designing appropriate soil amendments, seed mixes, and surface stabilization to suit the local ecosystem while maintaining a beneficial relationship with landowners and managers.

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