About Us

Founded in 2002, HRL is a Mesa County Business Incubator success story.  Herman R. Lucero started his career in environmental engineering in 1985.  Working for Bendix, he was assigned several DOE jobs around Colorado, eastern Utah, and central South Dakota, and he learned as much as he could on the job.  When a scholarship for environmental science became available, he was one of 5 awarded.  After earning his Bachelor of Science degree, Herman left government work and joined a new start up in Grand Junction but after three years decided to go on his own.

The local business incubator became Herman’s new home, throwing himself into learning the business of business and starting HRL Compliance Solutions, Inc. Close to giving up, his big break came when associates at the DOE, who now worked in the oil and gas industry, recommended HRL for a small job which was the opportunity needed to introduce HRL to the oil and gas industry.

With new credibility and cash flow the company began to prosper. Suddenly, it was time to consider building a team.

Today, the senior management team at HRL has over a 100 years of combined  experience in environmental compliance, biology, drilling, planning, permitting, safety, management and accounting.

HRL Compliance Solutions is headquartered in Grand Junction, CO with additional offices in Durango, CO, southern New Mexico and southwest, Pennsylvania. Our team is dedicated to providing environmental and regulatory consulting, field services, UAS imagery, drilling, and engineering across the United States for all types of industry including energy, mining, utility, construction, recreation, and agriculture.

By providing a full spectrum of services our professional and experienced staff has the unique ability to help you optimize your business practice and save money in ways that are tailored to better suit your company’s business style and needs.


Herman Lucero, REM

Chief Executive Officer