Hydroseeding Services

Hydroseeding is a method for planting vegetation, typically over large areas or slopes that are difficult to drill seed or broadcast.  The seeds are mixed with water, mulch, fertilizers, and tackifier to create a slurry that is then sprayed over a desired area.  Each component facilitates success.  The hydromulch holds moisture longer and helps anchor the seed to the ground.  Fertilizer will help the seed germinate and feed the new vegetation as it grows.  Tackifiers effect the water retention and longevity of the mulch by locking it into place, preventing erosion by rain, hail, and wind.  For hydroseeding to be successful, the correct quantities of each component must be maintained, and the slurry must be distributed evenly.  At HRL, it is our goal to ensure that the application process is correctly executed, and that the proper component for each job is correct to ensure successful generation.