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Since 2006, HRL Compliance Solutions, Inc. has completed over 10,350 subsurface borings at oil and gas facilities . . .


HRL Compliance Solutions, Inc., owns and operates a CME 55 Track Drilling Rig for conducting and performing subsurface investigations. HRL also works in unison with other drilling contractors where deeper and more aggressive drilling procedures are required. Investigations and drilling services include the drilling of boreholes for soil sampling, groundwater sampling, monitor well installation, remedial action installation for in-situ remediation technology, and geotechnical analysis. HRL is capable of performing split-spoon sampling and direct push sampling procedures. The rig can drill holes up to an eight-inch diameter.

Since its inception, HRL has built a strong reputation regarding health and safety issues pertaining to subsurface investigations and maintenance activities. Since 2006, HRL has completed over 10,250 subsurface borings at oil and gas facilities as a result of our professional netting program, drilling, remediation activities, and fencing divisions. We are very proud of our record. At HRL, we believe that the safety of our employees and the employees of companies we work with must be top priority.


ODEX Drilling

“The CME 55 track mounted rig allows for both direct push and hollow stem auger, and ODEX drilling capabilities. This allows HRL to provide complete turnkey services from characterizing a release to remediation. This service will better allow HRL to serve our clients in achieving regulatory compliance during remediation of hazardous materials to allowing them to recognize a significant cost savings.”
Herman Lucero, President & Founder, HRL Compliance Solutions, Inc.


Due to the difficult drilling conditions common on the western slope, HRL Drilling Services has procured an ODEX drilling system in order to drill to client requested depths where auger refusal is very common due to sub-surface conditions. It also greatly reduces wear on our auger equipment resulting in savings to our clients such as auger teeth and cutting heads. Our ODEX system drills a 5 inch cased hole to depths up to 70 feet. The system utilizes compressed air and an eccentric bit connected to a down hole hammer for drilling in overburden where large cobbles, or boulders may be present. The system is also very effective in areas where river gravels and cobbles are present. For geotechnical and environmental purposes, the bit and inner string can be removed from the hole and drive samples can be collected. The bit can then be run back down hole and drilling can resume. In addition, since the hole is cased, drive samples are free of any residual soils providing excellent drive samples. The cased hole also makes well installation easier in areas where the hole would not normally stay open, such as river cobbles.


Environmental Drilling

HRL’s environmental drilling services are one of the best along the Western Slope of Colorado for site characterization investigations at oil and gas sites. Our professional staff are exceptional in their knowledge and detail when performing investigations related to spill response and subsurface investigations.


HRL has performed numerous site characterizations and subsurface investigations at oil and gas operational facilities, as well as commercial and industrial facilities. Most often these investigations are related to soil impacts resulting from liquid petroleum or chemical releases associated with storage tank overflows, leaks, pipeline or connector leaks, fracing operations, drill pits, and an array of other operational concerns.

HRL understands the nature of petroleum or similar products and how they migrate once they enter the subsurface soil. HRL lead geologist, Mark Mumby, and our junior geologists and environmental scientists are exceptional in their ability to delineate and identify environmental risk associated with sites where releases have occurred. This knowledge and expertise allows HRL staff to properly document and delineate spill plumes and gradients, as well as plan for and design remediation activities. Most importantly, HRL can prepare the documents for clients that are required by regulatory agencies when releases occur. HRL performs all of the compliance services associated with the investigation, characterization, and regulatory notification resulting from a petroleum or chemical release into soil.

HRL environmental drilling services also drills and installs monitor wells, soil borings and remediation ports and equipment for in-situ remediation projects.


Geotechnical Drilling Services

HRL’s geotechnical drilling services are used for site investigations. The site investigation is performed to evaluate if a site will be suitable for planned construction activities.


HRL conducts geotechnical drilling for building contractors, engineering firms, and commercial interests.  HRL’s geotechnical drilling services are used for site investigations, and this service is performed to evaluate if a site will be suitable for planned construction activities. Most of the projects performed by HRL involve collecting soil samples, evaluating soil stability, or a number of other subsurface interests. Geotechnical drilling is often an important aspect of permitting for construction activities, and the HRL drilling rig and professional staff are capable of performing these services to accommodate a wide range of permitting requirements.


Direct Push Drilling

HRL can perform Direct Push drilling for sample collection where required or preferred. “Direct Push Drilling” is a method of drilling and sampling where the tools are “pushed” or driven into the ground.

No rotation is involved so all the samples are uncontaminated and there is no drilling debris on the surface. The main application for this method is for drilling various soils, clays and sands both consolidated and unconsolidated. It allows the driller to take a core sample sealed inside a plastic tube so that no handling of the sample takes place.