The projects listed below are representative of the caliber of work conducted by the environmental scientists, geologists, remediation specialists, and project managers that comprise HRL Compliance Solutions, Inc. Our decades of combined experience solving the complex environmental problems facing the oil and gas industry, serves as a foundation on which to build lasting client relationships. We strive to uncover the most cost effective solutions for our clients, and our entrepreneurial approaches to regulatory compliance issues often allow our projects to be completed under budget and within the requested timeframe.

Our Migratory Bird Netting Program, for example, began as a compliance measure for the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) and oil and gas production pits utilized in exploration and production activities. Exclusion devices, such as netting, are recommended under the MBTA to prevent the incidental take of migratory birds. Many of these production pits are quite large and span hundreds of thousands of square feet, therefore an engineered solution was required to support the systems covering these pits. Through thinking outside the box, and an approach that focused on continual design improvement, we have developed a system that not only provides a high level of compliance with the MBTA, but requires significantly less ongoing maintenance. As a result, we are now the nation’s leading design and build contractor for migratory bird exclusionary netting.

Our project highlights are listed below. If you would like additional information on project methodologies, results, or would like to receive a cost estimate for your own projects, please contact us.





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